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Cinnarch abandoned Cinnamon and became Antergos

Although it happened a few months ago, I have to write it (and maybe you have to read it once more Smile ).

Cinnarch LogoCinnarch¬† project was abandon because of the problems they had with the Cinnamon DE.¬† For those they don’t know, Cinnarch was an Arch Linux based distribution with Cinnamon DE and a wizard installation program. It was by the far the most easy way to install Arch Linux with the Cinnamon DE. But they abandoned Cinnamon for the favor of the Gnome 3 DE.

Antergos Logo

The new project is called Antergos and it comes with a graphical and a text installation wizard. It also has a GUI front-end for pacman (the PacmanXG4). The home site for Antergos is