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About Cinnarch operating system

Cinnarch abandoned Cinnamon and became Antergos

Although it happened a few months ago, I have to write it (and maybe you have to read it once more Smile ).

Cinnarch LogoCinnarch  project was abandon because of the problems they had with the Cinnamon DE.  For those they don’t know, Cinnarch was an Arch Linux based distribution with Cinnamon DE and a wizard installation program. It was by the far the most easy way to install Arch Linux with the Cinnamon DE. But they abandoned Cinnamon for the favor of the Gnome 3 DE.

Antergos Logo

The new project is called Antergos and it comes with a graphical and a text installation wizard. It also has a GUI front-end for pacman (the PacmanXG4). The home site for Antergos is

Change keyboard layout on Cinnamon Arch Linux or Cinnarch

The keyboard layout problem with Arch/Cinnarch Cinnamon DE

If you use the Cinnamon Desktop Environment with Arch Linux or Cinnarch and multiply keyboard layouts you may have problem when you are trying to change the keyboard layout.

With the latest Cinnamon update the keyboard layout indicator is visible with all layouts so you can change them from the indicator icon. Before this update the indicator was visible only if you had already change the layout with a shortcut. But changing the keyboard layout from the panel icon is not a solution.

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An easy way to install yaourt with pacman

What is yaourt

Yaourt is a utility for Arch Linux that provides an easy way to install programs from AUR (Arch User Repository). Pacman cannot search the AUR for programs so if you want to install a program from AUR you have to do it manually. I have already describe how to install an AUR program manually at a previous article .

Yaourt searches AUR for programs, downloads them, install the missing dependencies and then compiles and installs them. Because yaourt uses pacman it can also install packages from the repositories or upgrade them.

How to install yaourt with pacman

You can install yaourt with pacman but first you have to add the proper repository to pacman.conf. So, you must edit the file /etc/pacman.conf. To do this you can use nano, vim or gedit:

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